1. Date #1: he will fall in love with you
  2. Date #2: he'll share what he thinks your faults are and what you should do about them
  3. Don't let date #2 scare you, you'll still get to meet his family this month
  4. Sometimes his v-neck will be deeper than yours
  5. His shoes will always be better than yours
  6. Date #3: he will tell you he's in love with you
  7. He will buy you lots of bread and chocolate
  8. He will tell you to cool it with the bread and chocolate
  9. Second week of dating: you'll be planning a trip to the south of France
  10. Sometimes he won't answer your questions, not because he's not listening, he just hasn't understood you the entire relationship
  11. PDA
  12. They will do lots of favors for you, and when you thank them, they say "well of course, because I know you would do the same for me" #😳
  13. Even when he breaks up with you, it's romantic. *breakup flowers