Mystery illness
  1. It's been 2 months since I fainted and couldn't talk or move my arms and legs which brought me to the ER. All of my blood work and tests came back normal. Spent four days in the hospital. I haven't been able to walk normally and haven't felt comfortable driving or working again due to the dizziness and other symptoms I'm having.
  2. All of the tests and blood work the cardiologist did came back normal. Yet, my appearance is very pale, veins are sticking out more, dizzy when standing, legs feel numb/ heavy on and off throughout the day, brain fog, and I feel fatigue and exhausted for no reason. Next step is to see another neurologist for more testing.
  3. Booked a one way flight to southwest Florida to try to clear my head and just focus on healing and spending time with my Dad and Stepmom. Hopefully this will help me mentally and physically, because I honestly don't know what to do anymore and feel like I'm falling apart.
    Sunshine state