I read the comments. These are some of them from articles on ID, Huffington Post, and The Daily Mail.
  1. "There's little doubt that she is in love with herself but then she is kinda cute. As are most thin blondes her age."
  2. "Could be single for a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg time."
  3. "How rich are her parents."
    They do OK
  4. "Wow, this chick cries a lot. More emotionally weak people who are needy of validation because their parents told them they are all winners, no matter what, and they are unique snowflakes."
    My parents def never told me I was a unique snowflake
  5. "Tears from a woman flow quite easily and are usually meaningless."
    Would never vote for Hillary.
  6. "You narcissistic slut, all this bitch thinks about is herself. This article makes me sick, this is exactly what is wrong with modern America. People are too damn egotistic and too damn emotional."
    I am what's wrong with modern America !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. "She should really see a psychiatrist. I think she might be bi-polaroid."
  8. "Maybe all the fights with her boyfriend are because of her very obvious need of attention."
  9. "She's very good at being a crybaby, if not at being a photographer."
    Literally the best at being a crybaby
  10. "Chiche' young, cute, naive, sheltered, over privileged, white girl, who "loves" photography takes pictures of herself crying. This isn't art. Get a job and stop spending all your parents money while blaming your problem on the evil male dominated world."
    What does "chiche" mean?
  11. "A word in your ear, gentlemen.............RUN FOR YOUR LIVES."
    Not terrible advice
  12. "Crying even with a toothbrush in your mouth :-)) hmm. My father beat me a lot when I was young, my classmates bullied me but I never cried as much as a grown women, young adults over a boyfriend or anything else. I guess I am a tough lady with not unhealthyly deep feelings. :-)"
    I'm so sorry
  13. "An emotional wreck who needs to see a psychiatrist about her self obsession."
  14. "I took a selfie every time I took a shit for three years and Vice told me there was no story there. Sigh."
    I bet I could sell that story