1. Everyone you've ever slept with
  2. Penis shapes
  3. The bathroom
  4. Giving up red bull for meth
  5. Scientology
  6. The desire to be Jewish
  7. Plastic surgery under the age of 18
  8. Plastic surgery over the age of 18
  9. Vagina shapes
  10. Sex
  11. Sex toys
  12. Sex toy etiquette
  13. Baseball players vs soccer players
  14. Diabetes
  15. Taco Bell
  16. Apples need to improve shuffle
  17. The amount of miles that you can drive after the light goes on (24 or 28 depending on the kind of car)
  18. Wondering how the police officer that gave me a speeding ticket would look in my sunglasses
  19. Trucker appreciation day (may 16th I think)
  20. How soon can I have a glass of wine
  21. Am I an alcoholic
  22. The drought in California
  23. Sex
  24. Exercise
  25. Are we there yet
  26. At what point in new friendships is it appropriate for me to ask my girlfriends to take their tops off for a picture
  27. All the things I need to do this week (Sex, exercise, work, reorganize my life)
  28. Trying to find the stripper that gave me a lap dance in Portland that smelled like the most lovely of shampoos
  29. Where to take pictures and if it's safe to pull over on the side of the freeway
  30. When is the last time I washed my hair
  31. How much more candy can I eat before I get fat
  32. Are aliens real and if so what do they look like
  33. Planned a photography show exclusively of photos of myself crying (may 23rd)
  34. Taylor Swift