Me and @libby_morrow grew up with the Gilmore gals and the beautiful town of Stars Hollow so I will attempt to do my best at ranking my fav members
  1. Lorelei
    Basic af but idgaf. Sometimes her outfits are questionable but she gets to kiss a lot of attractive men and has a bangin' bod for a mom
  2. Rory
    At times I find her a bit irritating/awk with just as many questionable outfit choices as Lorelei but they go hand in hand. ALSO gets to date some major hotties plus she's smart and beautiful. What more could you ask for
  3. Sookie St. James
    She is Lorelei's BFF and low key funniest character Melissa McCarthy has ever played. One of my fav scene of hers is when she is telling hungover Lorelei about her drunk shenanigans from Lane and Zach's wedding
  4. Luke
    I'm getting too lazy to explain my reasonings so...
  5. Jess
  6. Logan
  7. Paris
  8. Emily and Richard
  9. Kirk
  10. Lane
    Although Lane is Rory's BFF she never really did much for me in the show. She's a great addition but not the top of my list of favs
  11. Everyone else
  12. Dean
    He sucks