Florence is unfortunately infamous for its extreme inhabitants of Mosquitos that viciously attack you in your sleep.... Also I'm home alone and extremely bored
  1. 1 under left eye
    Couldn't see it in the picture but trust me it's there
  2. 3 on right cheek
    Same as above
  3. 1 on left forearm
  4. 1 on inner left forearm
  5. Another one on left forearm
    Can't really see it in pic lol
  6. 1 on left upper arm
  7. 1 on right wrist
  8. 2 on left wrist
  9. 1 near right armpit
    Awk angle sorry
  10. 1 on left calf
  11. 1 on my right middle finger
  12. 1 on my right pointer finger
  13. 1 on my right hand