As I lay here in my bed after a rough morning of classes I have lots of things I want/need at this specific moment in time which I will be listing below
  1. Panini from Pino's
    Crave one prob everyday best panini I've experienced on the best bread in the world. My fav is turkey, smoked cheese, pesto, and sun dried tomatoes. Simple but kinda perfect
  2. A bag of chips
    Need that crunch ya know?
  3. $350
    My bank account has seen better days and I owe about 3 different people varies amounts of money which I currently don't have
  4. My rainbows
    Somehow they didn't make the cut while packing and it's prob my biggest regret bc it's been 80 degrees in Florence all week
  5. A completely new wardrobe
    Might burn every sweater I own when I get back to America. Living out of 1 large suitcase or 4 months is no good
  6. To go pee
    I've had to pee for the past 45 min but can't bring myself to get out of bed