1. Episodes I'm going to watch on Netflix
    Just. One. More.
  2. Money spent weekly on food
    too much... too much....
  3. Chocolate chips in a batch of cookies
  4. Number of friends on Facebook that I'm actually friends with
  5. Calories I've burned off during a workout
    Only 20 calories?!?!?
  6. How much people care
    I always assume people are as excited or as passionate as I am on something and I usually end up disappointed
  7. How much time it takes me to get ready in the morning
    On another note I hate being late
  8. Amount of water I drink daily
    Don't tell my doctor but sometimes I forget to drink water
  9. The amount of time until the weekend
    You mean we still have FOUR DAYS???
  10. How many bobby pins I need to buy
  11. Songs I can buy with an iTunes card
    Still mad about the time they changed the prices from 99 cents to $1.29
  12. Time I spent sleeping during a nap