hashtag mennonite
  1. The people & the community
    This is #1
  2. Because Menno Simons is just super rad
  3. Potlucks
  4. You have a connection with pretty much everyone you meet
    It's like the Bacon Number theory, but called #themennonitegame
  5. The passion for pacifism
  6. HYMNS (and music for that matter!)
  7. Mennonite World Conference!!
  8. Quilts and whoopie pies and mennotea and all things wonderful
  9. Myrna Eitzen's cinnamon rolls ( @eitemm)
  10. We're so connected with Mennonites around the world
  11. The people💕💕
    Saying this twice because I love the people
  12. We unanimously laugh in church at random things and it's amazing
  13. The MYF
    Mennonite Youth Fellowship. Actually very well-versed in theology and can actually have serious discussions. (I say actually a lot because we're teenagers and whadda you know)