I'm 17. She's 49
  1. She texts her friends 24/7
    The last time I texted someone was 6 days ago
  2. She loves pop and rap music
    WHO IS FETTY WAP????? I seriously have no idea.
  3. She's obsessed with Nutella
    ...and I hate it and can't figure out why almost every teenager loves it.
  4. She procrastinates with everything
    Meanwhile I'm sitting here doing my calc homework that hasn't technically been assigned yet
  5. Her bedroom is a hot mess
    She has clothes scattered all around the floor and her bed is never made (while I clean & vacuum my room almost every other day). Is it ironic that I tell HER to clean her room??
  6. She persuades us to have popcorn for dinner and eat ice cream out of the tub for dessert
    Typical food of a teenage girl who just broke up with her boyfriend.
  7. She uses acronyms like LOL and bae
    She also says chillax a lot but I don't know if people my age actually say that