It's been almost 3 days since my Nana has passed away and I feel compelled to write the first things that initially come to mind when I reminice, to always keep these memories fresh in my mind.
  1. Her Christmas Decorations.
  2. Playing Mickey Mouse Bingo and Card Games.
  3. Hearing her talk about the Casino. She said it felt like being at Disney World.
  4. Going to the Symphony. She stood up for herself when our tickets were messed up and someone took our seats.
  5. The stuffed Bassett hound that always sat by her doors.
  6. The giant stocking she filled with presents for me and my sisters. Even if the gifts were cheap, my nana always went out of her way to give us as much as possible on Christmas.
  7. Her religiousness. She took me to church not to force her beliefs, just for the company. She never forced her beliefs on anyone and it seemed as though her faith was very personal.
  8. How she always greeted me and my sisters with "There's my beautiful girls!"
  9. How she waited outside and waved when we left her house.
  10. Her cute sweaters, frugalness, and selflessness.
  11. The way she always listened to you like what you were saying was extremely important, never missing any detail.
  12. How much like herself she was when i visited her at Brockton Hospital. She was making fun of Donald Trump. She was so happy that she got to eat a cheeseburger.
  13. Going to Brockton Rox games
  14. The green spare bedroom at her house in Brockton. I used to sit there by myself and pretend I lived with her.
  15. The organ in her basement with the songbooks and the hundreds of dolls and toys.
  16. The red rocking toy we played with in her yard.
  17. How she always tried to get my dad to take home so much stuff we didnt need. She would go grocery shopping for us when she didnt need to.
  18. Talking on the phone with her on Friday. She talked about going to the casino with me and said "It looks like they arent giving me any guarantees."
  19. Sitting in her hospital room and laughing with her, Dad, Uncle Rick and Maureen.
  20. How it rained the entire week and was cold and miserable, and the weather cleared up and was beautiful the day she died and still is 3 days later.