sweets + special places = ♡
  1. 25 minutes of alone time with a box of gushers {...and, fruit by the foot. and, fruit roll ups. and a 20 oz. sprite.} I am scared to know how much sugar thus actually amounts to...
  2. fresh, steaming cinnabons as soon as you depart the plane and have just rebuttoned your skinny jeans.
  3. a bowl of cookie dough - that's been chilling for two hours to ensure a proper flavor mix - with a toddler-size spoon so you can remain disillusioned about your caloric intake.
  4. a fresh, hot crêpe with "beaucoup" {mounds of} nutella for "l'americanne" whilst admiring the effiel tower. #thinkingyoureavoidingthestereotypewhenyouresonot
  5. christmas toffee shortbread from mom's tupperware during a holiday flight layover.
  6. unwrapping & devouring a cadburry's dairy milk chocolate bar in the irish countryside - helping to offset the manure wafts {at the end of the day, all of those cows' make irish chocolate creamier. #truth}