this is going to be really long #firstlist
  1. artist
    i wanted to be an artist until someone told me I wasn't artistic
  2. veterinarian
  3. film maker
  4. marine biologist
    i had an obsession with dolphins #dontjudge
  5. that person that scores movies
  6. astronaut
    I was a nerd okaY
  7. a writer for snl
    yeah I even wrote down skits when I was in middle school OH I SHOULD MAKE A LIST FOR THAT
  8. rocket scientist
    im still a nerd okaY
  9. ceo of Apple
    I wanted to become the ceo of Apple when I found out that Steve jobs died, is that bad?
  10. chris hardwick
    so I was obsessed with the nerdist podcast
  11. physicist
    alright well now this is what I will hopefully get a degree in and im not changing my mind