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I'm doing this on the train instead of reading because it's important
  1. Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    Classic af. The crescendos and decrescendos are particularly powerful. I feel like kind of an asshole reviewing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This is also the only one that makes me cry. A +
  2. Bright Eyes
    Underrated af. The random percussive stuff and whatever they do to make the sound of wind is incredible, and it captures something about the song that so many versions miss—it's both profoundly lonely and filled with hope. There's an honest reverence to this song that is sobering (in the right way). A +
  3. Frank Sinatra
    The choir is a little showboat-y, sure, but that's his schtick and he really tones it down here—the whole thing is very quiet and genuine. A
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This is not set in one particular time nor is it an ongoing list—these are twelve things that you may or may not encounter (Schrodinger-Esque) when considering my neighborhood at any given moment, probably in history.
  1. An empty grocery cart
  2. A large street cat
    It's probably not a coyote.
  3. Two drunks, one kind and one menacing
    The kind one is technically more often found around the corner from my house but I feel much more neighborly towards him, thus his inclusion on this list
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  1. Because she is desperate for human interaction in the form of trying to maneuver her cart around the person who is standing and staring at his phone in the exact only path between the onions and the seasonal fruits
  2. Because she loves the smell of the fish counter mingling with industrial cleaner
  3. Because she is committed to buying fresh, seasonally appropriate foods without creating waste
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  1. Feel so pleased by how festive my kitchen twine is that I take a picture of a raw chicken thinking it might be good for instagram
    I did not post it because the vegetables look "sad"
  2. Put a sprig of rosemary and some cranberries in my glass of boxed wine and pretend I'm at a classy holiday party
  3. Make more pies in one day than there are people in my house, for no specific reason
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  1. Blurry pictures of her dog
  2. Blurry pictures of my dad
  3. Blurry pictures of my dad and the dog together
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