It's been very hard me for to decide: when's the best time to make a list, what should I make it about, will anybody really see it, what if it's terrible, lol none of this really matters but yet still stressin.
  1. Where I went on my family road trip
    The answer is New Hampshire, Boston mass, NYC, New joy-sey and Washington, D.C.
  2. Everything in my pantry
    Basically the sustenance I have left to get me through the semester.
  3. Treats I want to make over the holidays and the subsequent results
    Pictures included (duh)
  4. My favorite quotations
  5. How to make people like you
    Not anything I actually do, just things I've read about and observed so my data is all qualitative.
  6. Guilty pleasures
    Basically a ranking of my fave cereals, tv shows, coffee and dream destinations. And turtlenecks probably.