1. Sorry for not texting you back
    But still posting on Instagram, Twitter and liking one of your old Facebook profile pictures.
  2. Sorry for making you go see tomorrowland for my birthday
    Not George Clooney's best.
  3. Sorry for not trying to make your family like me
    But in my defense I kind of really tried to make them like me but I think I did it really wrong and now they really don't.
  4. Sorry for breaking up with you...twice
    Probably reason #1 your family doesn't like me. It kind of makes sense.
  5. Sorry for my mood swings
    Because the truth is living with anxiety is hard as hell but being with you is the gotdamned easiest thing in the world for me. And that's the scary part, when I'm so used to feeling uneasy all the time, being with you feels almost surreal. So thank you for being the one thing in my life that is constant and controlled. (Oh and sorry if this is really cheesy...)