Things I'm Afraid Of

Warning: this list is used to help heal my anxieties about everyday life.
  1. Realizing the last moments before I'm about to die.
  2. Getting lost with no gas and no cell service.
  3. Sleeping with an unlocked door.
  4. Getting into a car crash.
  5. Drive-by shootings. (I've actually been terrified of this for years and think of it most times when I walk on sidewalks)
  6. Losing my ability to play the piano.
  7. Losing my ability to use my voice.
  8. Becoming deaf.
  9. Any member of my family passing away.
  10. Not becoming accepted into a doctoral program someday.
  11. Suffocating.
  12. Going bankrupt.
  13. Not treating my body with the love it deserves.
  14. Letting people down.
  15. Losing Derek.
  16. Being kidnapped.
  17. Being seen as a failure.
  18. Not using my talents and abilities to help better the world in some way.
  19. Unknown noises when you're home alone.