I have opinions about lettuce.
  1. Butter lettuce
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    Butter, Bibb, Boston. Call it what you will. It's superiority cannot be denied. It's the perfect salad lettuce. It's big leaves make it ideal for sandwiches. It's crunchy but not too crunchy. It's just good lettuce.
  2. Baby Spinach
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    High in iron. Good cooked or raw. No bitter aftertaste. And yes I may occasionally choke on a stem but to me it's worth the risk.
  3. Romaine Lettuce
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    Ahh, good old romaine. Where would the Caesar salad be without you? Wait. Romaine? Caesar? Roman? Is this a classic salad joke that I am only just now getting?!
  4. Kale
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    We get it kale. We get it. You're great. But you aren't the be all end all of healthy foods. Maybe coming in behind romaine will help keep your ego in check.
  5. Iceberg
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    Iceberg is the vanilla ice cream of lettuces. It's gonna happen and you're not really upset about it, but why have plain vanilla when you can have mint chocolate chip? Or cookie dough? Or literally anything with peanut butter?
  6. Arugula
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    Who decided humans should eat this shit?