Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. We met in kindergarten. It was half day kindergarten. I was in the morning class. She was in the afternoon class.
  2. One day the morning class and the afternoon class met the person who sat in their seat in the other class.
  3. We had the same assigned seat.
  4. We had the same backpack. With a picture of Esmerelda for the Hunchback of Notre Dame
  5. We also had the same initials.
  6. Her name was Erin
  7. We were in the same first grade class together.
  8. At some point during that time we became best friends.
  9. We went to the same dance school. And would until I stopped going at age 17.
  10. In the first grade Erin asked me to not get my ears pierced. Because if I did she would be the only girl without them.
  11. In the third grade Erin got her ears pierced. I got my ears pierced reluctantly at 19.
  12. We were best friends all throughout elementary school, all throughout middle school, all throughout high school.
  13. Sophomore year I got her to audition for the school musical.
  14. We became friends with a group of people involved in theatre and hung out with them a lot junior and senior year.
  15. Senior year she got a full scholarship to the college she wanted to go to.
  16. Three other people from our friend group decided to go to the same school.
  17. She and the other girl that was going there decided that they would be roommates.
  18. She started hanging out with them a lot more.
  19. It hurt a little. I felt like she had picked them over me.
  20. But I didn't want to bring this up. Because I thought I was being petty. And she was going to be going to college with them so she should get to know them more.
  21. She started acting like them and doing the things they did.
  22. She didn't have a driver's license so I drove her to school senior year. But one day I couldn't so she asked someone else. And she never asked me for a ride again.
  23. We had a fight over a school thing. A show that some of the seniors were going to put on to benefit a charity at the end of the year.
  24. I don't think we were talking by the time graduation came.
  25. In the summer I went to a friend's graduation party with Jenna, another friend of mine from our group. She and I were the only ones not going to that college so we were ostracized together.
  26. Erin came to the graduation party. We didn't say anything to each other.
  27. When Jenna and I left, Erin came outside to catch us as we were leaving. She wanted to talk to Jenna. I went back to the car.
  28. When Jenna came back I asked her what Erin had wanted.
  29. Erin had told her that she had noticed there had been distance between the two of them but that she didn't want to end their friendship over it. She hoped that they could continue to be friends.
  30. She had been friends with Jenna for about a year. I had been her best friend for 11 years.
  31. That hurt the most. Why wasn't my friendship worth saving?
  32. I later learned that she got really drunk at the party, threw up all over the host's bathroom, and had to have her mom and sister take her home. Neither of us were into drinking in high school. This wasn't the friend I knew.
  33. That was the last time I saw her.
  34. About 4 months ago I got a long Facebook message from her. She said she was trying to reach out to people from her past.
  35. She told me what she was up to. Told me that she was a teacher and was living in Pennsylvania. That she was happy and hoped that I was too.
  36. I wanted to write back and tell her how much what she did hurt me. That she discarded me as a friend. And how dare she not apologize for what she had done
  37. But that's not what I did. I told her how I had been, where I had gone to college, what I was doing. And I thanked her for her friendship. She was always a top student and I feel as though being around that for basically the entirety of my education made me push myself further.
  38. I saw that she read the message, but she never responded.
  39. Which I was upset about at first. But it's for the best. I don't need an apology anymore. And I don't need to feel any ill will towards her. We were young. And people grow apart. And friends go their separate ways. And I'm good now.