I feel a great, yet unfounded, responsibility to make good lists! I have started many but have finished none. Here are some that I am currently workshopping.
  1. Books I should have read by now
    This list will be long and shameful.
  2. TV I watched with my parents growing up
    This one is proving difficult. I have a terrible memory. May have to conference in my mother for this one.
  3. Things that make me cry
    More ridiculous than sad.
  4. Childhood obsessions
    Reliving my childhood through this list.
  5. Quotes from TV I use in my everyday life
    But no one ever gets them so maybe I should just stop.
  6. Ranking of Hitchcock films
    Feel the need to rewatch them all for most accurate ranking. These lists are turning into a lot of work.
  7. Ranking of Sondheim shows
    See above
  8. Official ranking of my lists
    Further down the road of course. I'm all about self-critique.