Yes, I judge books by their cover too. So sue me!
  1. Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    Not going to lie, I judged this one solely by the title. I had no interest and was not going to watch it at all but was coerced to by my mother. And it's amazing!! It's a musical tv show that is funny and smart and not a stupid idea (like most musical tv shows tend to be). Plus Santino Fontana is in it. And he just happens to have the greatest name that has ever been.
  2. The Mindy Project
    Don't shoot me! I just didn't think I would be into it when it first came on. I didn't see how I could relate to anything happening on the show. And to be honest, I really don't. But it doesn't matter! Because this show is fucking hilarious! Smart and touching too, but so funny! Also, praise be to the Hulu gods for saving Schulman & Assoc. from the land of shows gone too soon.
  3. Arrested Development
    I remember being in 7th grade and seeing commercials for Arrested Development on tv. I didn't know what the phrase meant back then so I naturally thought that it was some kind of construction/cop show hybrid. Thankfully that summer I caught a marathon while I was home one day weaving a scarf (I was a super cool and popular kid). I became obsessed. A little part of my died inside when I watch the last episodes on February 10, 2006. But I had to mourn alone because no one else watched it!
  4. Mozart in the Jungle
    This show is so great!! I don't know why but when I first heard the title all I could think about was Baby Mozart, which did not interest me. But guys, it's so good! And not like Baby Mozart at all. And it has so many great actors in it. I mean, Malcolm McDowell! Bernadette Peters! Season 2 just premiered on Amazon Prime. Now excuse me while I go to sleep and have sweet, sweet dreams about Gael Garcia Bernal.