I put my phone down for 10 minutes...
  1. Just went in the app and saw something unfamiliar
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  2. Bye bye ⭐️. Hello ❤️.
  3. Does my emotionally stunted self love lists enough to ❤️ them?
  4. The answer is yes.
  5. Also this
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  6. Hello huge picture!
  7. Nice that now I can fully see pics without having to go to the individual slides
  8. This is an improvement I never new I needed!
  9. And this
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  10. Didn't that landscape used to be a camera?
  11. Are you subliminally trying to get me to take pictures of landscapes so that I go outside more, improving my health, well being, and over all quality of life?
  12. So thoughtful!
  13. But best of all?
  14. The update about the update!
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  15. Who is writing these? Can I thank them?
  16. Who wouldn't want to use an app that is this excited about software improvements?
  17. Thanks for caring, List App!