1. Where we are tour 2014 - when the boys came out I literally cried like now are they real (ford field 8/17/14)
  2. Ariana grande - March 2015. This concert was so Beautiful and elegant. She's so stunning in person.
  3. On the road again tour 2015 - I met Sydney and the boys were so beautiful. Most hype concert. (Ford field 8/29/15)
  4. Fifth harmony - March 2015. This concert I was so drunk on life. I lost my voice and we met some guy that night named Austin, omg that concert.
  5. Hannah Montana - January 2007. This concert made my entire childhood. Thanks to my dad who waited outside in line for 4 hours for tickets 😂.
  6. Katy perry - June 2011. I was like 13 when I went to this and I didn't really have a hype time because I was super shy but she was my fave and I was happy I got to see her.
  7. Katy perry - August 2014. This Katy perry concert was more hype and I think she put on a really good show. She knows how to dance and make everyone entertained.
  8. 98.7 amp live June 2014 - This was a concert a radio station held. They had little mix, Ed sheeran, time flies, Austin mahone and icona pop. Eds voice is so beautiful and I love me some little mix. I had a good time at this one.
  9. Taylor swift - May 2015. I am a huge fan of 1989 and her older songs. Had a really good view at this concert and she makes concerts so fun.