Stumbled upon some old Pages documents on my computer that I wrote when I was a kid. I was obsessed with unusual names and would spend hours thinking up the perfect first name / last name combination. Here are some of my favorites. Feel free to use one when you're writing your next teen drama.
  1. Chili Slaton
    It's a girl, in case you were wondering. I wrote 'Ms. Chili Slaton.'
  2. Wren Nolan-Pennington
    Loved me some hyphenated last names.
  3. Akasha Foley
  4. Virginia Clear
    Ultimate bad girl name.
  5. Jori Foxx
  6. Emma Maltic
  7. Jennifer Cist
    Pretty sure I didn't know what a cyst was at this point in my life.
  8. Michael Coluccio
    Could definitely be someone's name on The Mindy Project.
  9. Deckilyn Jones
    Decki for short. I remember these things.
  10. Dominic Cherry
    Liked the name Dom a lot. Also found Dom Banks and Dom Daly.
  11. Jantzen Chase
  12. Cash Dotson
    His dad solves all his problems for him.
  13. Snow Danies
  14. Lennon Mercier
    Boy? Girl? Impossible to tell.
  15. Babe Carriere
  16. Blair Bronson
    Loved me some alliteration as well.
  17. Dart Mitchell
    Would have mad respect for anyone named Dart.
  18. Frost Catesby
    I have no words.
  19. Arlo Bryce
    This is in a document called '1/25 redo," so THIS IS NOT A FIRST DRAFT.
  20. Malley Rensoff
    I remember being really into this name.
  21. Julian Packary
  22. Majesty Delancey
  23. Macen Ames
    Clearly trying to write character names for Gossip Girl.
  24. Belle McKyer
  25. Arwen Montgomery
  26. Desh Layer
    I don't even know.
  27. Nathan Swanson
  28. Zeno Noe
  29. Holiday Kendrick
    Also have Holiday Sheridan on another list. Because having a name that is a combination of two hotels is SO. COOL.
  30. Glade Aria
    Aria Glade works as well.
  31. December Rory
  32. Cressida Brice
    In a Shakespeare phase, perhaps?
  33. Echo Zarlor
  34. Cayden Dappis
  35. Maximilian Gage Franco
    Delved into a middle name on this one.
  36. Holden Mercado
  37. Lucas Orion Rush
    Could be a normal name. Orion makes it standout a bit.
  38. Racer Weston
    So close to Rebel Wilson!
  39. Ace Finley
    Seems like the right hand man to a ship captain. Highly motivated, yet no one takes him seriously.