1. Make coffee
  2. Turn on podcast
  3. Skip through opening promos/ads
  4. Straighten parts of hair
  5. Curl parts of hair
  6. Check Snapchat
  7. Floss
  8. Decide on outfit
  9. Snack on something I decide is good enough to get me through the shift but will ultimately get me through half the shift
  10. Try on outfit
  11. Change one thing
  12. Collapse onto couch and check phone
  13. Sip coffee
  14. Decide I'm ready and play tetris
  15. Waste 10 minutes
  16. Get up and actually do what I should have been doing
  17. Grab keys, phone
  18. Debate whether I need a coat
  19. Decide to go with a light jacket
  20. Leave
  21. Realize I probably should have brought a heavier jacket
  22. Work, work, work, work, work, work