Hi everyone, I met @lydsanders my sophomore year of college, and she quickly became one of my most fantastic friends. Here's why:
  1. You can always count on her for Friends references when appropriate.
  2. One time our friend Elaine was SUPER sick (like we were thinking flu) and Lyd took the risk of contamination and brought Elaine back to her house to take care of her.
    Elaine's bed was covered in dirty water that had leaked from her ceiling too so Lyd was really a superstar.
  3. During our performance in February, we had a lot of days with long classes and rehearsals and shows, and Lyd took like 15 people's credit cards and coffee orders and went to Cool Beans to bring us our desired forms of caffeine.
    Her love of coffee is one of her finest qualities.
  4. One day my friends and I were trying to figure out what to eat and Lyd invited us to her house and we made chicken fried rice and s'mores dip. We all felt the massive amounts of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows we ate in ballet class the next day but it was heavenly let me tell you.
    AND we watched Friends for like 4 hours straight.
  5. Lyd ALWAYS looks cute. We would literally get out of Swan Lake rehearsals dripping in sweat and go change into whatever we could comfortably walk home in (typically a sorority t-shirt, Nike shorts and sneakers) and she would walk out with her hair all brushed and wearing a dress and sandals.
    She deserves a round of applause.
  6. She looks cute EVEN while eating!!!!!
    This is a rare quality as most of us know.
  7. She was SEVERELY anemic for several months and danced freaking Balanchine's DONIZETTI VARIATIONS like that thing is a killer when you don't have an iron deficiency.
    Lyd is the true powerhouse of the cell.
  8. Behind her constant elegance, there is a strong vein of sass.
    Anneliese gets credit for the meme...more where that came from.
  9. SHE CAN SING!! Lyd actually has the voice of an angel.
    Can't include videos to show you, but you'll just have to be lucky enough to know Lyd (or follow her on insta) to hear it.
  10. This list would not be complete without talking about Lyd's beautiful dancing. JUST LOOK AT THIS PERFECT HUMAN.
    One day I'll be telling people "I USED TO STAND NEXT TO HER AT THE BARRE!"