Take a Walk With ME in Montpellier, France

I've been here since August studying. I have no exams or class today so I thought I'd take a walk through town. It was just about 10AM when I began my walk. Inspired by @Lisa_Fav's list walking through Paris.
  1. Technically my walk began with a ride on the tram.
  2. Starting my walk on this under-construction, but otherwise pretty road.
  3. Well I was going to stroll through the gardens here but they're not open until noon. Zut, alors.
  4. But here's a pic from outside the gardens.
  5. And another.
  6. Bonus: this is what I'm listening to as I walk. (Sorry about the weird cropping of the screen shot haha)
  7. Just arrived at the Jardin du Peyrou.
    And yes, that sculpture is Louis XIV.
  8. .
  9. Not actually sure what this is called haha.
  10. I walked up the stairs behind the thing. There's a cool reflecting pool that's also kinda grimy looking.
  11. One of the various off-leash dogs you see everywhere.
  12. Going to walk into town now. Passing underneath the Arc de Triomphe de Montpellier.
  13. All the streets are decorated with trees wrapped in red tulle things? Unique aesthetic haha.
  14. Cute store fronts.
  15. Blurry pic from a bar where my friends and I once spent a night drinking wine and playing Taboo.
  16. Entering L'Ecusson, which is the "old quarter" of Montpellier.
  17. Also now I'm listening to this:
  18. .
  19. This building is a tromp l'oeil, meaning that it's painted to look like another building.
  20. Some more holiday decorations.
  21. Just arrived at the Place de la Comédie, the town center. This is a pic of the opera house.
  22. Here is La Fountaine des Trois Grâces, across from the opera house. This fountain is the unofficial meeting spot before nights out with friends.
  23. There are still notes, flowers and candles around the fountain, in remembrance of the victims of the attacks in Paris last month.
  24. And now I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop. They have my order memorized here.
  25. A pleasant morning in Montpellier 😊