I've been here since August studying. I have no exams or class today so I thought I'd take a walk through town. It was just about 10AM when I began my walk. Inspired by @Lisa_Fav's list walking through Paris.
  1. Technically my walk began with a ride on the tram.
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  2. Starting my walk on this under-construction, but otherwise pretty road.
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  3. Well I was going to stroll through the gardens here but they're not open until noon. Zut, alors.
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  4. But here's a pic from outside the gardens.
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  5. And another.
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  6. Bonus: this is what I'm listening to as I walk. (Sorry about the weird cropping of the screen shot haha)
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  7. Just arrived at the Jardin du Peyrou.
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    And yes, that sculpture is Louis XIV.
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  9. Not actually sure what this is called haha.
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  10. I walked up the stairs behind the thing. There's a cool reflecting pool that's also kinda grimy looking.
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  11. One of the various off-leash dogs you see everywhere.
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  12. Going to walk into town now. Passing underneath the Arc de Triomphe de Montpellier.
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  13. All the streets are decorated with trees wrapped in red tulle things? Unique aesthetic haha.
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  14. Cute store fronts.
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  15. Blurry pic from a bar where my friends and I once spent a night drinking wine and playing Taboo.
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  16. Entering L'Ecusson, which is the "old quarter" of Montpellier.
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  17. Also now I'm listening to this:
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  19. This building is a tromp l'oeil, meaning that it's painted to look like another building.
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  20. Some more holiday decorations.
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  21. Just arrived at the Place de la Comédie, the town center. This is a pic of the opera house.
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  22. Here is La Fountaine des Trois Grâces, across from the opera house. This fountain is the unofficial meeting spot before nights out with friends.
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  23. There are still notes, flowers and candles around the fountain, in remembrance of the victims of the attacks in Paris last month.
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  24. And now I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop. They have my order memorized here.
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  25. A pleasant morning in Montpellier 😊