What I Did During My Very Brief Trip to NYC Today

I live pretty close to the city so I'm lucky enough to take some day trips a couple times a year.
  1. Met up with a friend from Queens who I haven't seen in like 8 months.
    She hadn't changed a bit!
  2. Got some sick falafel
  3. Walked across the Brooklyn bridge
    It was cold but beautiful!
  4. Sat in Starbucks for an hour to charge my phone.
  5. Contemplated going to the Met but realized it was closing in about an hour and I was all the way downtown so I didn't go ha.
  6. Went to Caracas Arepa bar in the East village
    It was very good. Would recommend.
  7. Went to see a stand-up show at the UCB theatre in the east village
    Jon Ronson was there and he told a story about emotionally damaging his son. Very funny show!
  8. Took the subway to Grand Central feeling super tired.
    Then we had to wait an hour for our train to depart! I drank some tea from Shake Shack and felt exhausted.
  9. Finally(!) got on the train and now I'm listening to David Bowie and writing this list.