I Like Books About Groups of Students/weird Professors Doing Illegal Things

If you know more in this genre tell me about them, because apparently it's my favorite type of novel. I only realized recently that some of my favorites fall in this category.
  1. The Secret History
    One of my all time favorite books. 80s? Check. Charismatic professor? Check. A literal bacchanal? You'll have to read it to find out. I found her next two books so disappointing compared to this one. Do not speak to me of the little friend because I'm still mad about it.
  2. Special Topics in Calamity Physics
    Made everyone in my family read it. Double triple yes.
  3. Prep
    I didn't expect to like this book or any of the characters but I brought it to the beach for a fluffy vacation read and then ignored my family for 36 hours to inhale it.
  4. Black Chalk
    I'm reading this now and it's what made me realize I have a book type. Again the 80s. But also a game with escalating consequences for the participants (college kids in England). Yes yes yes. Don't spoil it for me.