Soothing Radio Voices, and the Faces They Come From

Eff you, vocal fry haters.
  1. Scott Carrier
    Home of the Brave, This American Life, etc. This guy, man. His is my favorite voice in all of radio.
  2. Terry Gross
    Fresh Air. This is such an obvious entry but so so true.
  3. Anna Sale
    Death, Sex, & Money. I would probably tell her my darkest secrets.
  4. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
    NPR. Come on. The way she says Dakar is EVERYTHING.
  5. Jack Hitt
    This American Life. If you haven't heard him tell he story of telling his daughter about Martin Luther King, Jr. go do it right now.
  6. Eleanor Beardsley
    NPR, Paris correspondent. Until this year I thought she had the best assignment.
  7. Jon Ronson
    This American Life. I feel like this is kind of cheating because he's so rare of a contributor (I ought to put David Sedaris in here too I guess) but I LOVE the contributions he's made and his voice is so pleasantly neurotic and I made everyone in my family read The Psychopath Test.
  8. Sylvia Poggioli
    NPR, Italy correspondent. Definitely has the best gig.
  9. Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant
    Stuff You Should Know. They may just be soothing to me because I've listened to their voices for 200+ hours, or because they're Southern like me, but goodness. They're great.
  10. Isaiah Sheffer
    Late Host of Selected Shorts. ❤️
  11. Ugh I could do this all night. I love you public radio/podcasts.
  12. Crap! I forgot Roman Mars!
    99% Invisible. Do you like architecture and design and a voice so soothing you might fall asleep? Then I've got the podcast for you!