I'm still employed though. Terrible is a relative term.
  1. UPS lost all my breastmilk.
    They found it eventually but not until 12 hours of me crying on the phone to them. I had it all packed in dry ice and the CLOCK WAS TICKING.
  2. I flooded the hotel room of the person below me.
    Who happened to be my co-worker. It was awful and embarrassing and not my fault (leaky toilet) but it wasn't any less humiliating bc of that. We both had to change rooms. Ugh. I still work with that guy.
  3. I tried 5 hour energy for the first time.
    We had to work 3rd shift in a random building in the middle of nowhere and I was certain I would fall asleep so I thought I'd try an energy shot. I was a MESS and then when we got to go home at 5 am I couldn't sleep for like 12 hours. Do not recommend.
  4. Accidentally watched something mildly pornographic on my phone on the plane next to my supervisor.
    It was just a sex scene in a regular movie but It was a little explicit and I was not expecting it and I am positive he saw it.
  5. I developed an idiopathic lifelong illness.
    It's just Ménière's disease and it's only in one ear and I'm fine but I thought I was going crazy and ended up having a tiny bone in my skull removed. It's all good though. I can hear fine now.