I'm Emily and I have an unhealthy addiction to 90s sitcoms...
  1. My favorite show of all times is Friends.
    I started watching when I was 14 and it got me through my first year of high school and failed friendships. It's truly the greatest show of all time.
  2. I have three little brothers who are annoying and wonderful at the same time.
  3. I love shopping (especially for fall clothes), but end up wearing my new clothes so much that I exhaust the newness out of them.
    Then I cry, "I need to go shopping again!"
  4. I want to be a teacher when I grow up.
    I want to give back to the world and I've had so many wonderful teachers influence me so I'd love to have a positive influence on people one day too.
  5. My TV shows get me through the week.
    I would not survive a week of school without knowing that I have a least one show on each night.
  6. I could eat tacos every day.
    *they're technically more like nachos since I'm the pickiest eater in all of the land.
  7. I have two dogs.
    And they're my best friends.
  8. I wrote a book when I was in 7th grade.
    It's called "The Baseball Club for Girls" and basically I feel like I'll never live up or achieve anything else in life after finishing my dream at 12 years old.