Not all TV can be as glorious and wonderful as the 90s these days, but here's what I'm watching that will have to suffice.
  1. Survivor : Second Chance
    Season 31! I've watched most of Survivor and I love it so much. I'm rooting for Spencer and Ciera on this season. Wednesday nights 8, CBS
  2. Grandfathered
    The new John Stamos and Josh Peck show. It's ok, nothing too special. I'd like to see if it picks up. Tuesdays at 8, FOX
  3. The Grinder
    Rob Lowe and Fred Savage have my heart ❤️ I adore them and this show. For real the best new show that premiered this fall. Comedic genius. Tuesdays @ 830, FOX
  4. Modern Family
    I've watched the past two seasons of MF while its aired and smh. It's alright. Haley and Andy 4ever. Wednesdays at 9, ABC
  5. Girl Meets World
    I seriously adore this show and want it to last as long as BMW did. I love the characters and actors and I wish that I could be BFFS with them all in real life. Please, @rowanblanchard? Fridays 830, on Disney Channel