Inspired by @megg18 inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Dorm room key
  2. Key card for dorm building
  3. House key
    Do I live 2500 miles from home 9 months out of the year? Yes. Do I still keep the key to my parents' house with me at all times? Also yes
  4. Mailbox key
  5. Bike lock key
    I'm on my fourth replacement key oops
  6. Key to my best friend's house
    He gave it to me when we were 12 and he no longer lives in that house but I can't quite let it go
  7. Leopard print key that I found in a junk drawer in my house and apparently does nothing but looks cool
    For the aesthetic
  8. Pepper spray keychain
    Because I live on a college campus and it's a scary world out there