1. My mom: Carole
    Named after her mother, Carol. My mom's middle name is Elizabeth, and so some birth documents the "e" is blurred into "Carol," so my mom goes by "Carole"
  2. My dad: Timothy
    My grandma made a pattern of the starting letter of her kids names: James, Thomas, John, Timothy, Joan. Nobody knows why.
  3. Me: Emily
    My parents saw the name in a baby book and liked it. Boring stuff.
  4. My sister: Hannah
    Baby book, same deal
  5. My sister: Lauren Kate
    Lauren was a name my parents had always liked. Her middle name, Kate, comes from the kids cartoon, "Arthur." My other sister and I were allowed to choose her middle name, and being obsessed with "Arthur," we wanted to name her after the little sister on the show, Baby Kate. However, my parents didn't love the name "Baby Kate," so it's just "Kate."
  6. My dog: Phoebe
    Her name was Tempy when we got her from the shelter, and we thought it was a stupid name. The vet said keep the name to two syllables and an "ee" sound at the end and she wouldn't notice a change, so we named her after Phoebe from "Friends"