Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Coffee
    Smooth black coffee with one pump of hazelnut syrup
  2. Outfit
    Black jeans, oversized white t-shirt, denim jacket, Birkenstocks (add socks if cold)
  3. Hot dog
    Chicago dog
  4. Haircut
    Long shampoo and head massage, shoulder length cut, minimal layering, hair straightened and blow dried, no talking and no awkwardness
  5. Nap
    2-3pm, lights off but blinds open, big t-shirt and no pants, wrapped in my big knit blanket, cup of coffee when I wake up
  6. Movie Snack
    Milk duds that I sneak in and a small Diet Coke from the fountain, not bottled
  7. Mixed drink
    Dirty Shirley which is just a Shirley Temple with alcohol because I'm still seven years old inside but I also like to drink
  8. Morning
    Wake up at 8 with no alarm, make coffee, then read on my porch until everyone else wakes up and go to get breakfast