1. It's fall, roughly 60 degrees, cloudy in the morning but clear later in the day
  2. 7am: Wake up, well rested
  3. Have a soy latte and read a little while sitting on the porch with a space heater
  4. Go back to bed for a bit
  5. 9am: Watch the Today show while I get dressed
  6. Have a perfect hair day
  7. 10:30am: Meet friends for brunch at Eastburn and get lobster eggs benedict and fresh juice
  8. 12pm: Browse @powellsbooks with a coffee and buy way too many books
  9. 1:30pm: Meet my dad for lunch at the 10th and Alder food carts and get my favorite chicken teriyaki bento and spicy soup
  10. 2:30pm: Head home to drop off all my books and leftover bento
  11. 3pm: Take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood and get her a treat from that weird organic pet store
  12. 4pm: Watch a new episode of The Mindy Project
  13. 4:30pm: Take a nap in the family room with my favorite knit blanket and the dog
  14. 5:30pm: Eat the rest of my bento
  15. 6pm: Go see a movie with a friend at Bridgeport
  16. 8pm: Head to dinner at Sinju and get a 911 roll, a cherry blossom roll, miso soup, edamame, and wine
  17. 9:30pm: Go back home to have a sleepover with friends and gossip, drink wine, and eat licorice
  18. 1am: Go to sleep, very happy