because i love concerts + music!!!!!! buckle up, this is gonna be long
  1. Taylor Swift (July 2011)
    First ever concert. I remember feeling really upset that I hadn't listened to her new album, but I still rocked out to "You Belong With Me". I went with my mom.
  2. Coldplay (July 2012)
    Pretty amazing. Chris Martin sweat a lot and mom still comments on that today. Also they had really cool lighting and for some reason they blasted "99 Problems" before they came onstage. What would begin a family tradition of the four of us going to concerts together.
  3. Florence + The Machine (August 2012)
  4. Taylor Swift (June 2013)
    TSwift again! I went with my cousin and aunt this time, and I knew the words to EVERY SINGLE SONG. This is when I discovered and started checking before every concert I went to. Pretty dope. But I also remember being really freaked out because we couldn't find my parents' car afterwards and I'm a natural worrier.
  5. Paul McCartney (July 2013)
    PRETTY FREAKIN AMAZING. I MEAN, ITS PAUL MCCARTNEY. For 70 years old, that guy could rock out. He had a lot of instruments and he ending "na na na" of "Hey Jude" went on for like 5 minutes (not that I was complaining).
  6. Depeche Mode (August 2013)
    My parents sort of made my brother and I go to this one. The only song I really knew was "Just Can't Enough". There were a lot of old people.
  7. Katy Perry (July 2014)
    Katy knows how to put on a show. I made sure to know all her songs, and I wore a cat shirt because I knew she liked cats. There were lots of balloons and confetti. My mom came and sang along to "Roar" which was pretty awesome. Katy had a lot of costume changes and there were a lot of young kids there who hopefully didn't understand some of her lyrics. But she gave a box of pizza to this one little girl it was really cute.
  8. Arcade Fire (August 2014)
    So good live. For some reason, they suggested we wear formal wear or costumes, which was a little weird. But they were really charismatic and sounded great. Also it was my brother's last day before he left for university, so it was a nice last day with the whole family.
  9. Lorde (September 2014)
    This girl slays. She had some good chats with us too. Although her dancing was a little odd, her voice was on point. I went with my parents, and it was at Echo Beach, literally a beach venue at night in September. My mom got tired and sat down before the show in the sand, on a plastic merch bag
  10. Bombay Bicycle Club (October 2014)
    This was fun. I hadn't really listened to them before, but their music is fun and happy. It was my first concert at a lower-level type venue, almost like a bar/club. My dad and I went with some friends. This is around the time I started to become my dad's concert buddy. (He's an ever bigger concert junkie than I am)
  11. The 1975 (November 2014)
    Same as above, I hadn't listened to a lot of their music, only a few, but I still liked them. NOTHING compared to the crowd, who were a bunch of crazy wild fan girls. (SIDE NOTE: I understand them now, because I think I'm one of them). I could tell my dad was sort of regretting it. I yawned at one point, and a drunk girl tried to pump me up. They were good live, and they swore a lot. Also, Matty Healy lit a cigarette on stage and started chugging a bottle of wine. Still really fun though
  12. Brian Setzer (November 2014)
    I didn't really know who this guy was, to be honest. But it was fun because he played a lot of Christmas songs. There were a lot of old people.
  13. St. Vincent (March 2015)
    ONE OF MY MOST EXCITING STORIES. Once my dad and I got to the venue, Danforth Music Hall, they told us it was 19+, because of some liquor laws there. I was sad, and so was my dad, but he was still set on going, and called my mom to pick me up. The security guys at the door started to feel bad for me, a young small teenager who just wanted to see St. Vincent, and let us in. SO YEAH I WAS 15 AND I GOT IN A 19+ EVENT. St. Vincent was so good live, and really friendly.
  14. One Republic (April 2015)
    First concert I went to without my parents. Just with my friends. It was fun. We went to Chipotle before and had fun adventures on the subway. The band was also good.
  15. U2 (July 2015)
    Annual family concert time! Bono's pretty sick. I felt pretty special. Also I didn't know the words to any of their songs, except the line "It's a beautiful daaaaaay"
  16. The Roots (August 2015)
    This was free!!!! Pretty sick!!!!!! It was for Toronto's Pan-Am Games. They were non-stop, with like no breaks. Questlove was drumming for like 2 hours straight. They didn't play some of my favorites though, because it was a family event and they had lots of swear words. Whatever. It was still awesome. Also it was crazy busy trying to get out of there
  17. Sloan (September 2015)
    Not as hype as many of the shows I've been to, but still great. We were pretty close up, and they sounded good. There was a little girl there who legit knew all the words to their songs, even though they're a fairly old band and she was like 5. They invited her up to play the tambourine during "Money City Maniacs". It was adorable
  18. Ringo Starr (October 2015)
    I'VE SEEN THE 2 REMAINING BEATLES PERFORM LIVE IN MY LIFETIME HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THAT. Admittedly, I only really knew "Yellow Submarine" and "With A Little Help From My Friends", but Ringo still killed it.
  19. Alvvays (December 2015)
    This was so fun. They're such good performers and really nice. Memorable quote: "You're never too young to swear in Cape Breton" -the guitarist whose name I can't remember off the top of my head. This was with my dad and my friends (not even that awkward actually)
  20. Born Ruffians (December 2015)
    The day after Alvvays. What a weekend. This was such a lit show. I went with the same friends, and we were SO CLOSE. I was literally touching the stage. There were a lot of mosh pits, and at one point one girl pushed me out of my spot around the end, and I almost lost my friends.
  21. Metric (March 2016)
    My dad was busy the night they came to Toronto, so we drove out to St. Catherine's. They were good and there were a lot of electronic light effects. I sort of wished they had played more of their older songs, but at least they played "Gold Guns Girls"
  22. Prince (March 2016)
    THIS WAS SO BLESSED. It was just Prince and his piano, but he still sounded so good. He was also really nice and funny. We also had floor seats. He didn't play "1999" but at least he played "Kiss" and "Raspberry Beret". My dad was over the moon. I think this was his fourth time seeing Prince. They had a really strict no photography rule. UPDATE: I actually can't believe I got to see him live before his sudden death. Rest in peace.
  23. And that's it so far!!
    I have more coming up this year. I could add them when they come, but I'll probably be too lazy