doodles in the order they occurred. Listing inspired by doodle lists of @sky and @naneu22
  1. And it begins
    12b4e2d5 c61a 44a3 9520 2a85ccbeeb45
  2. Moving right along
    70e4e652 1a84 4993 b78e 618f0d2b87f4
  3. Fidget fidget fidget
    4bb8f859 6b59 44b1 93df 484487bff70e
  4. Ummmm...this doodle is irritating me
    68edfe94 1ed0 48f3 8722 61a530a55dbe
  5. Sigh
    C487d05c 5b84 4e79 8f79 e8da794c3da7
  6. (After lunch break) la la la la la
    1cc146b2 35ec 4122 ba15 02c846f06057
  7. Looks like it's still nice outside..this chair isn't very comfortable
    99a5866d 9a2e 4f29 b532 715a5f16a06b
  8. My eyes are so itchy
    8c95a918 3c5d 4361 a10e 633cf1408bf9
  9. We will recap tomorrow
    D212a192 e554 42e9 bf46 7e8c1261987b