Small sample from many pictures in a series. People were self conscious of having their lunch documented, so I kept it anonymous. Understood the trepidation, your lunch can reveal a glimpse into YOU, your frame of mind that day, your relationship w/ food, your personal financial situation, lots of things can be communicated. This is Desk Lunch.
  1. Was it a treat? Was it something sweet to help them get to the end of the day?
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  2. Health lunch? Asparagus season?
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  3. Simple snacking lunch
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  4. Salad lunch in space
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  5. Oh boy, this person is rocking their lunch. People would get lunch like this or a burger and fries all the time, I'd see them coming in the office w it, very few would let me take a snap. Maybe just too delicious to wait for me to get the picture? Likely.
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  6. Oh my god another salad.
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  7. This might be my favorite picture- not just because it's pizza, don't think I see pizza anymore when I look at it. Sometimes I see an angle w a smidgen of blood on its wings.
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  8. Bodega lunch...this one was on repeat for about a week. There is a burger under the cheese.
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  9. another salad
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  10. Taco that!
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  11. Well hello, and you made these at home? Well look at you!
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  12. Sooo balanced
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  13. Oh a salad
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  14. Intern lunch was either a sandwich like this brought from home or just turkey, cheese, veg and sometimes a piece of fruit. Consistently it was either of these.
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  15. Umm even more austere than the grapes and nuts. Low fat multi grain frozen waffles and low fat jello pudding.
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  16. A duo of dips
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  17. Hell yes
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  18. Leftovers? Calamari, hard boiled eggs and salad.
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  19. Definitely leftovers w a side of potassium.
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  20. Oh another salad
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  21. The second kind of intern lunch
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  22. Whole foods lunch in a box. Very popular lunch.
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  23. And why not another salad
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  24. Frozen pizza-emergency desk lunch?
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  25. This one bums me out
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  26. Whole foods lunch super popular.
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  27. Want To show us your desk lunch?
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  28. My desk lunch yesterday - tofu bento box.
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    Suggested by @jpbateson
  29. I had leftover mushroom risotto but couldn't be bothered making a salad. So I bought a salad. And grapes. And a fizzy drink
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    Suggested by @estherlimtf