Small sample from many pictures in a series. People were self conscious of having their lunch documented, so I kept it anonymous. Understood the trepidation, your lunch can reveal a glimpse into YOU, your frame of mind that day, your relationship w/ food, your personal financial situation, lots of things can be communicated. This is Desk Lunch.
  1. Was it a treat? Was it something sweet to help them get to the end of the day?
  2. Health lunch? Asparagus season?
  3. Simple snacking lunch
  4. Salad lunch in space
  5. Oh boy, this person is rocking their lunch. People would get lunch like this or a burger and fries all the time, I'd see them coming in the office w it, very few would let me take a snap. Maybe just too delicious to wait for me to get the picture? Likely.
  6. Oh my god another salad.
  7. This might be my favorite picture- not just because it's pizza, don't think I see pizza anymore when I look at it. Sometimes I see an angle w a smidgen of blood on its wings.
  8. Bodega lunch...this one was on repeat for about a week. There is a burger under the cheese.
  9. another salad
  10. Taco that!
  11. Well hello, and you made these at home? Well look at you!
  12. Sooo balanced
  13. Oh a salad
  14. Intern lunch was either a sandwich like this brought from home or just turkey, cheese, veg and sometimes a piece of fruit. Consistently it was either of these.
  15. Umm even more austere than the grapes and nuts. Low fat multi grain frozen waffles and low fat jello pudding.
  16. A duo of dips
  17. Hell yes
  18. Leftovers? Calamari, hard boiled eggs and salad.
  19. Definitely leftovers w a side of potassium.
  20. Oh another salad
  21. The second kind of intern lunch
  22. Whole foods lunch in a box. Very popular lunch.
  23. And why not another salad
  24. Frozen pizza-emergency desk lunch?
  25. This one bums me out
  26. Whole foods lunch super popular.
  27. Want To show us your desk lunch?
  28. My desk lunch yesterday - tofu bento box.
    Suggested by   @jpbateson
  29. I had leftover mushroom risotto but couldn't be bothered making a salad. So I bought a salad. And grapes. And a fizzy drink
    Suggested by   @estherlimtf