Inspired by a chill day with loving friend (and sometimes the boss of me) @rachaelray
  1. Made plan with friend, committed to wearing practical shoes
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  2. Set to meet at the restaurant for 12:30. We both arrived 15 minutes early, not wanting the other to be waiting
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  3. Ordered beverage, I say maybe we should just order a glass of wine, we both snort laugh at ridiculous statement, order a bottle of rosé and laughed about how 'bread in bed' is funny, then I proceed to outpace friend in the drinking of bottle.
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  4. Ate crazy delicious food brought to us by delightful man named Bert, discussed how much we like the name Bert
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  5. Ate more crazy delicious food
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  6. Headed up to the 8th floor of beautiful new Whitney museum building and started to get our 'art on'. I take creeper picture of friend taking picture while she is In slightly contorted pose, thought of the creeper stylings of @sally
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  7. Hello Cy Twombly
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  8. Took picture of painting a friends husband would like because there was booze and cigars in it and sent to him
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  9. Went down stairs - more art
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  10. Looked at view friend said dept of sanitation has never looked so good
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  11. Went down more stairs - more art
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  12. Friends giant loving critter picks us up and we head to friends apt
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  13. Cocktails were made
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  14. Sat on roof deck - chit chatted for hours, topics included the agreement to take a long weekend trip for our collective 50th birthdays (FYI couple of years from now) and agreed to agree no place too hot, nothing over 80. This is our starting point to pick where to go...I'm pushing for Norway.
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  15. At end of delightful day returned home to dog who managed to make her cone of shame a 3/4 cone of shame
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  16. Got call from friend soon after getting home and we chatted for another hour - we didn't want the fun to end. Reminder, do this more often.