Inspired by @hannahstark mention of learning how to jam a comforter into a duvet, as a life changer, in her A FEW LIST APP OBSERVATIONS post
  1. The fitted sheet is unreasonably irritating to fold, I'm not an uptight folder of things but the fitted sheet does not cooperate EVER! A friend showed me how to concur it and it's so simple I felt like an idiot. Since it's the weekend, some of you might be doing laundry at some point, this could be helpful.
  2. Working with the short sides of the sheet you are going to make the 4 fitted corner into 2 fitted corners by Putting one short end corner into its same side short end corner.
  3. Repeat with the other short end corners, now you have a some what unruly rectangle.
  4. Jam your now 2 corners into 1 corner, yes you're taking your unruly rectangle and kind of making a mess of it
  5. Put your hand into the fold of your now one fitted corner, put your other hand on the opposite side, lengthwise, hold it up, give it a little shake and lay it down on a will more naturally form a manageable rectangle that you can easily negotiate into a true rectangle.
  6. Fold your rectangle in half lengthwise
  7. You can do the last step again if you want a super small bundle in the end, or just fold one side half way on to itself
  8. Repeat w/ other side, then fold together and you are done. You now have stolen a good 2 minutes back into your life, time better spent starring at a wall rather than folding a stupid fitted sheet.