A little @rachaelray show action...as an experiment I'll try to add to this all day so you might want to come back and check it out
  1. Meatloaf just came out of the oven
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  2. Green beans have been blanched
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  3. Leftover brownies from the Sarah Michelle Gellar segment are headed out to crafty for the crew
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  4. @rachaelray is hanging w Sherri Shepherd
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  5. Melting Carmel candies for dunking apples
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  6. Pici a pasta is going to get cooked it take 20 minutes to cook al dente which I find to be crazy
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  7. @jeanette's here, too.
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  8. Apples just got dunked and rolled in pretzels
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  9. Getting a new key board in prep kitchen, the N and K keys were sticking
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  10. Family meal
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  11. Carmel apples rolled in goldfish crackers
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  12. Testing a vegan pumpkin pie
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  13. Christopher Kimball from cooks illustrated waiting behind set
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  14. Lemon slices being grilled
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  15. Range is getting a scrub down
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  16. One of our food stylist, Tina, said take a picture of my hand so I did
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  17. Art Dept spray paint organization
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