20 some odd years in food media and this is what is jammed into my NYC apt kitchen.
  1. 15 wood cutting boards, even the dog thinks it's ridiculous.
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  2. 14 wood spoons, only have 2 hands
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  3. 85% of the Refrigerator contents is beverages & condiments, there are some eggs & citrus...citrus is for the beverages.
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  4. 1 three legged cast iron junk skillet, zero junk drawers
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  5. 3 kinds of salt in 2 creepy but cute penguin holders, 10 more kinds of salt in cabinet, I only ever use 2 kinds of salt
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  6. 28 chopping knives, you only use one at a time
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  7. 1 microwave tucked into a cabinet, as if I was ashamed of it
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  8. No one needs this many of these
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