Pushed to get glasses a year plus ago by co-worker @jeanette who said "I'm not reading the show run down to you any more"..it was reasonable. Biggest issue w having them is loosing them. This is a record of where I found them over the last few weeks. Same list would apply for "where my phone at?!?" Where do you find your glasses or phone?
  1. Right where you left them when you fell asleep on the couch
  2. In the prep kitchen right near the ice coffee you can't find either
  3. On the book shelf in your office
  4. While at dinner w friend and her kids, this kid had picked up your glasses and put them on, turns out they were not in your bag but on this kids face
  5. Stop looking for them in your bag. They are on your head jackass!
  6. On your co-workers face @jeanette
  7. On top of a bowl of change in the foyer
  8. In the bathroom on top of container of q-tips
  9. Jammed in between some pillows
  10. They are in the freezer next to the banana guacamole, of course
    Suggested by   @ChrisK