An ode to my hood
  1. I have lived in Allston-Brighton, a Boston neighborhood, for about seven years.
    West of the city center but still technically "Boston proper," this is now my home, and the only place I have ever lived as an adult.
  2. It is a weird place.
    Allston Brighton (or Allston, or Brighton, depending where you are) is known as a melting pot of Asian and South American immigrants, hipsters drinking at The Great Scott, frat boys and their ilk, and yuppies who need access to the Green line.
  3. The first time I ever visited Boston, a college friend invited me out to her apartment in Brighton. On the T ride in, I remember thinking, "Wow, I thought this city was so nice and now this place is such a shithole."
    Coincidentally, I remember where I was when I had that thought, and it's the exact same block where I now live.
  4. David Foster Wallace set Infinite Jest in Brighton, but called it "Infield."
    He famously describes the neighborhood as "pretty unpleasant."
  5. Parts of the novel take place at a methodone clinic that is actually on the same street as my apartment.
    Also on our block: a housing project and a Whole Foods. You should see the people at my bus stop.
  6. The members of Aerosmith also got their start in Allston.
    So there's that.
  7. Allston-Brighton is home to Boston University and Boston College, famous rivals. The former is my grad school alma mater.
    Here I am before teaching aged me exponentially.
  8. I still go to BU once a week for my aerial silks class. This is a crossback straddle!
  9. My favorite thing about my neighborhood is that there are seemingly thousands of different cuisines within walking distance.
  10. My least favorite thing is the rats.
    All those restaurants mean dumpsters, which means soooo many 🐀🐀🐀. Luckily, I have a 🐈, a natural form of pest control. However, my cat can't get rid of my talkative alcoholic neighbor, which is also a staple of Allston and included in every lease.
  11. "Allston Christmas" occurs every year on September 1 when thousands of college students move apartments and dump their old furniture on the sidewalk.
    Fun fact: I slept on a mattress found on Allston Christmas for three years.
  12. The medium price of a one bedroom apartment is $1700.
    This is about what I pay. It's brutal. The college students drive up the price.
  13. I've thought about leaving a million times, but then I realize there's no where else for me.
    There's traffic, and trash, and the B line. But there are also people I love, a city with a pulse and eccentric soul, and Wingz Express.
  14. Allston-Brighton, I love you.
    Never change. 💛