His plays reveal a deep respect for women, even if he couldn't hire them.
  1. The Witches in MacBeth
    OG Nasty Women
  2. The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet
    Juliet's strength, maturity, and likability depend entirely on the actress portraying her. The Nurse is always likable because she DGAF and has the best burns in the show.
  3. Ophelia in Hamlet
    Deeper than the river that took her, unwilling to put up with fuckboys.
  4. Viola in Twelfth Night
    The best one! Takes on a man's role (LITERALLY), makes it all her own, and still gets the guy in the end.
  5. Portia in The Merchant of Venice
    Smart, rich, hot, makes no apologies. Doesn't need to get married, but falls in love anyway.
  6. Portia in Henry IV
    Seize dat power girl. Cz it.
  7. Portia in Julius Caesar
    Strong, intelligent, and views her marriage as one between equals. I should name my daughter Portia!