1. You are crazy once you reach three bumper stickers.
    And the only really acceptable bumper stickers in the first place are schools or political candidates during an election year.
  2. Drafts on li.st should return in limited form.
    In order to feel comfortable publishing my writing, I need to revisit and revise it. A hastily-made and unedited list makes for a reluctant lister. I assume @listbot got rid of drafts because they were taking up too much space and people had a million drafts they never posted. What about a cap for every user?
  3. Jerky (in all its iterations) is such a delicious and healthy snack; it's a shame it's so expensive. Someone needs to create an economical but sustainable jerky product.
    If I were rich, I would eat a packet of Krave jerky every day. It would cost me over $2500 a year!