A story about driving in Boston
  1. Unlike real cities like New York and D.C. that were surveyed and planned, Boston was built on 17th century cattle routes. The roads make absolutely no sense. Boston drivers are aggressive because the infrastructure is terrible and it's truly everyone out there for themselves.
    Like my grandpa always said, "Nobody is gonna give it to you, so go take it! He was talking about life in general, but his logic applies to driving in 2017 Brighton, Massachusetts.
  2. I have the flu and I was in no mood today while driving home from my challenging job in the pouring rain.
  3. So, while switching lanes, I cut someone off.
    The way you do. Not the nicest thing to do in the world, but it's not like I ran over his mom.
  4. This driver behind me then proceeded to lay on his horn and tailgate me for three blocks.
    It went on for way too long and made me feel a little uneasy. Like it was probably three solid minutes of nonstop honking. This guy was pissed.
  5. So, while stopped at a red light, I got out of my car and approached his window.
    He was white, not bad looking, and about my age. He rolled it down so we were face to face.
  6. "What is your PROBLEM?" I asked.
    Considering I was the one in the wrong here, this was pretty ballsy. I knew what his problem was. Tho he definitely had a look like, "Whoa, she got out of her car!"
  7. "You cut me off!"
  8. "Yeah, I know. I needed to get in the other lane."
  9. "Well, you're not supposed to do that!"
  10. "Well, are you gonna stop honking at me? Are you gonna survive me cutting you off? You gonna be okay?"
    I almost punctuated that last question with "you little bitch," but stopped myself just short.
  11. At this point the cars stopped at the red light started moving again. As I got back in the driver's side, what's-his-nuts laid on his horn behind me.
    So I guess he did answer me. And then I sped ahead as soon as I got the chance and disappeared home.
  12. I need to watch myself.
    The next driver I confront may be as crazy as me!