He is shocking in his nasty behavior. Currently on ep 2. Will update as I continue the series.
  1. Makes the woman who raised him address him as "Your Holiness"
    Like what a little brat.
  2. Removes a clergyman from his position after he admits to being gay
    Not cool to an HBO audience in 2017
  3. Looks like Jude Law but won't allow people to photograph his handsome face???
  4. Does not offer to pay for Voiello's facial mole removal
    It is distracting.
  5. Isn't nice to the household staff at the papal palace
    He made his cook cry!
  6. Drives Spencer to a suicide attempt by just EXISTING and BEING POPE
  7. Sent Santa Claus cardinal up to North Pole (Ketchikan, Alaska)
  8. Does not respect building anti-smoking policy; exposes others to second-hand smoke
  9. Causes a suicide!
    Spoiler alert sry